I'm Nika and hopefully we will meet really soon.

I'm the one that you can see on the images on this site and it is not often that I'm on any pictures since I'm always running around with my camera. 

I'm Polish but I have lived in Mallorca since late 2009 and it is the longer I have been living in one place since I was 18! (obviously not counting the 18 years in Poland).

I've travelled a bit around Europe after I left the nest at 18, I lived in Greek Island Alonissos for few months, then studied in London and then came to Mallorca with a plan that I will stay here for a year, learn the language and carry on with my mission to TRAVEL. 

Well, as you see my plan failed (not that I'm complaining). 

I love this land of pure beauty! Stunning sea views surrounded by mountains with charming little villages, palm trees, goats running around and the tranquillity, what else do you need to be happy, especially when you are a photographer?!


Photography is my love and my passion but not the only one! 

I'm an unreasonable animal lover. ANY animal is welcome in my home. We have 2 dogs, 1 cat (adopted by one of our dogs), had a pet goat, 5 chickens (all with names), 8 terrapins (all rescued). So yeah, ANIMALS are definitely my thing.

Anyone who knows me will tell you "Ohhhh she doesn't stop talking! EVER! Not even under the water (as Spanish people like to say). I do speak a lot! I laugh a lot too and you can hear me from miles away! 

I'm always running around, somewhere doing something (may be the amount of coffee I pour into myself), I take pictures of anything that moves, or doesn't, for that matter.


Most of the time you do not even know and I already have 50 shots of you, your cat, your kids and whilst we are at it your home, products and anything that sparks creativity!

I take pride in preparing every session with care and attention.  Every session and each client is different. 

There is only ONE common thing that I hear from most of people I photograph and that is "I'm not photogenic". 

Well, let me tell you something! EVERYONE is photogenic, it really is just a question of a good light, posing and creativity. 

I'm not very glamour, more of comfortable elegance but




 I think the answer is pretty clear and that's why, apart from the "normal" lifestyled sessions I do offer the LUXURY GLAMOUR experience. 

I really, really like those sessions. They `are different but rewarding and until I went through one of those session with a fellow photographer I did not understand what those photographs mean (the evidence of me in GLAMOUR version on the images above)! 


Having the MakeUp put on by professional, your hair being done the way you always wanted, trying on different gowns and seeing myself in a SHINE OF LIGHTS made me feel like a BOSS (I'm not the princess style but I LOVE making people feel like one) and since that day I decided that I will show EVERY WOMEN how beautiful and stunning she is.

I just need few hours!

I won't be boring you anymore, as I said I do talk a lot! but if you want to meet me, get to know me and see if we are a good fit! DO NOT BE SHY! I will have coffee with you anytime with no obligation whatsoever! 

If you want to get to know me a bit more here is my personal Instagram feed!

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